R.H. Hurley, PhD      

Turfgrass Specialist:  Golf and Sports Turf.

Rutgers University,

Center for Turfgrass Science, retired



Breeding Improved bentgrasses since 1982

to Include the advanced generation varieties 007, 777 and 007XL. 


These advanced generation bentgrasses have the greatest opportunity for success in cool season climates for grassing greens, tees and fairways. 


Now designated as a class of "Super BentsTM" these varieties will produce a turf showing greater disease resistance / lower fungicide use, finer leaves, a denser turf that is more tolerant to close mowing.


Within the "Super BentTM" class are the varieties 007, 777, 007XL -- as well as MacKenzie, Flagstick and Tyee. 

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